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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

kickstarter kickstarter I'm obsessed with kickstarter

July 19th, 2013 (10:24 am)

NOTE TO PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: This is a Kickstarter update and you’ve already seen those, so feel free to skip. :) Also, if you’ve already donated, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! and you can also skip this post. :D

So there are three days (!) left on my Kickstarter, and I’m getting close to the $3000 I need ($2,250!) but I’m not there yet, and if things don’t pick up I’m probably not going to get there. :-S So I’ve put some new rewards up.

One that I think would be of particular interest to my friends here is that I’m offering to do editorial letter-critiques of writers’ novels. That means I read your full book and write a letter summarizing what I see as its strengths and weaknesses and pointing out what I think is the best way to go forward with it. For $100, I’ll do the editorial letter; for $200, I’ll do the letter plus a full line-by-line edit of the first 10,000 pages of your work; for $1,000, I’ll do the letter and a full line-by-line edit of the whole book. I’ve done all of these things professionally in the past and I’m good at them. And I know from personal experience that editorial letters are really, really helpful -- having a fresh eye and advice on a clear direction for moving forward can be invaluable. Neither the Jane book nor the Beth book would be in publishable shape if I hadn’t gotten good editorial advice in the form of a letter like this.

There’s also one more new reward up -- a $40 edit of a kid’s (or adult’s) college application essay. I’ve done a shit-ton of these and the kids tend to get into the colleges to which they send the essays.* ;) Of the current rewards, the most popular one is the $25 level, for which I’ll send you an advance copy of my book with a personalized autograph.

So that’s the deal at the moment. I’m so close, but just a bit too far right now. Here, I’ll put the link for the Kickstarter on its own line so it will stand out:

Kickstarter Kickstarter yaaaaaaaaaaaay Kickstarter! *\o/*

There it is, and there I am, and if you donate I will be the gratefulest ever in the world. Also, if you can’t afford to donate, it would be awesome if you’d share this with your social-media circle.

So, uh... there’s my update. Forgive its crudity; I’m simultaneously really excited and really stressed about this.


*Aargh, I feel so uncomfortable bragging about this stuff! I feel like a jerk. But I guess I’d rather feel like a jerk and stand the best chance of getting this project funded than I would feel like a nice person whose chances of getting it funded are diminished. C’est la vie.