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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

September 9th, 2015 (06:11 pm)

current mood: exanimate

1. CVS is currently displaying Halloween items... and also Christmas ornaments. What is happening why is happening

2. However, they also have at least three cards specifically for same-sex weddings, which is new since I last looked. So that made me happy. Maybe they finally figured out they needed them when gay marriage became Officially Legal Everywhere No Really 4 Srs Now?
2a. There are no same-sex anniversary cards, which made me roll my eyes for a minute until I remembered that anniversary cards for one's spouse tend to be written in first-person and "I" is not a gendered word.
2b. Are there languages in which "I" is gendered? Interesting question. I'm glad I don't have to buy cards in one.

3. The 5:55 Needham Heights train is chronically delayed lately and I Do Not Like It, mostly because if the T can't get its shit together when it's 95 degrees out, I shudder to think what the winter will bring.

4. These are the sorts of things that would really be better posted on Twitter. Sorry, LJ.

5. Another thing that would be better posted to Twitter, and better still not posted at all: I was in Target over the weekend and they were selling posters of Anna and Elsa with the caption "An act of love will thaw a freezing heart." You know, from the hit movie, Freezing. I am Frozen trash and could not rest until I told somebody this.

6. Happy Wednesday.


Posted by: Amy (amyura)
Posted at: September 10th, 2015 01:11 am (UTC)

I don't know of any language with a gendered "I". Now I too am curious. There are also third-party anniversary cards but most of them are to "a wonderful couple" or some variation thereof. The big exception seems to be cards from the in-laws, but of course I'm basing that assessment on being one partner in a hetero marriage who gets a son-and-daughter-in-law card from my in-laws every year.

It has just occurred to me that we have known each other online for well over ten years, live within an hour of each other, and have never met in person. We need to rectify that sometime. Maybe when you're on your way to the Cape.

Posted by: the girl with violets in her lap (slammerkinbabe)
Posted at: September 11th, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)

We should rectify that! Unfortunately my family only goes down the Cape in the summer, although usually there's one "winter social" in the middle of the winter, but if you're ever in the Boston area let me know, and I'll let you know when next we head down the Cape!

Someone in the thread below misunderstood my point about gendered I and it's kind of hilarious because I really just have never heard of a language that has female I and male I, but apparently pointing that out makes me an SJW bully.

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