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the girl with violets in her lap

Once again, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the donations to the blogathon I did for Tricia, and the support you all offered through it. Thus far, the donations that have come in total $415, excluding PayPal fees -- i.e., that's $415 in the clear.

As I said when I started this, there's a lot of need in Tricia's family right now, and everyone's working to help. One specific thing that's needed is a child's bed for Jayden, who has recently outgrown his crib. $415 will take care of that. See that adorable little boy on the right side of my icon? You all just bought a bed for him. It won't sponge away the grief of his grandmother's passing. But it'll let him get some solid nights' sleep, and it'll take one more worry off his mother's shoulders. His grandmother's, too. Because with everything that someone does for her family, big or small, Tricia finds a little more peace.

The fund is still open, of course, and there's lots more still to be done. The PayPal link below is open to anyone who wants to donate but hasn't yet had a chance to get around to it, and of course we'd be incredibly grateful for any such donations, but I don't really expect that -- I know people have done what they can. The primary reason I'm putting the button up is because there are still a few people who made pledges to the blogathon that haven't yet come through. If you pledged and you have PayPaled the money, don't worry about this; I'll be sending confirmation emails in the next day or so (should have been doing that all along, but Saturday was my crazy-writing day and Sunday was my crazy-sleeping day) and I don't think there's any reason for anyone to assume their money didn't go through. If you pledged and you know that you haven't paid up yet, please do either PayPal the money along or email me at slammerkinbabe at livejournal to let me know what's up. If the button isn't working or whatever, the email address to which money can be PayPaled is psychesmaia at yahoo dot com. If you can't remember if you pledged or not, the pledges are here, in the comments. There are at least $175 still outstanding, so it'll make the difference between just over $400 and just under $600. And just so we're clear, just under $600 is really an amazing amount for a thing like this to raise. I never expected it, and once again, I'm so grateful.

I'm going to see Tricia tonight, and I'm bringing a check with me. I will post to let you all know how it goes and what she says.

To every single person who put in one single dollar: thank you so so so so so so much.

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