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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

ooh, yay!

June 2nd, 2010 (03:35 pm)

It's femslash10 time again! Oh, I have no idea why I love ficathons so much when I never write any fic on my own hook, but I do. And I have no idea why I never manage to sign up for any other 'thons besides this one before their deadlines have passed, but I don't. So that leaves femslash10. But I heart it lots!

Now let's just hope my fandoms don't tank this year. Unless 3/4 of the Internet drops into the sea (and who knows how global warming and rising sea levels are going to affect those underground tubes?), Glee will be on the big list, so I should be able to play, at least. But of the 47 fandoms in the poll right now, I can only write Glee, Devil Wears Prada, Harry Potter, Wicked, and Desperate Housewives. (I said I could write The Good Wife too because a.) I hear it is chock-full of lesbian subtext, and b.) Karen Olivo is a recurring guest star. So I need to watch the entire series yesterday anyway, and then I can write fic.) It would be nice to be able to write more than, like, one of the listed fandoms for a change. Unfortunately most of my fandoms aren't doing very well. Of course, the poll only just went up, and there's plenty of time for other people to weigh in. Not that I'm suggesting that anyone on my flist who has no real interest in the 'thon should go over to boost up my fandoms in said open-to-the-public poll. That would be wrong.

Is Karen Olivo's character on The Good Wife one of the ones who's a subtextual lesbian? I hope Karen Olivo's character on The Good Wife is one of the ones who's a subtextual lesbian. That would really be an extraordinarily nice thing for the world to do for me.


Posted by: thrace_ (thrace_)
Posted at: June 2nd, 2010 07:54 pm (UTC)

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