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So I've been playing Sims again. Sims 3, this time.

So the big difference between Sims 2 and Sims 3 is that in Sims 2, when you leave a household, it freezes in time; in Sims 3, all the households run at once, and while you play whichever active household you choose, you get little updates in the corner of your screen about what's happening with everyone else. For a long time this was annoying the crap out of me because I had only made one household, an In the Heights one, and the rest of the town was populated by townies that I hadn't made and didn't care about. So I'd be trying to figure out what to do when, say, Vanessa managed to get Nina pregnant (I did not know we had installed that mod until that moment) and I wasn't quite sure if Vanessa knew she was the... what? the father? second mother? impregnator? -- well, whatever, so I didn't know if she knew she was having a kid and meanwhile Nina is wandering around being more pregnant by the minute and finally going into labor and yelling at me to get her to the hospital when HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT THAT WASN'T AN OPTION IN SIMS 2 CAN'T YOU JUST SHOOT THE KID OUT ON THE FLOOR LIKE A NORMAL SIM AND ALSO VANESSA COULD YOU STOP PLAYING CHESS WITH SONNY AND HELP YOUR PARTNER HERE FOR ONE GODDAMN SECOND and so on. Anyway, point is, I was pretty immersed in the Nina/Vanessa f/fpreg drama, and so I was getting kind of seriously annoyed at all these messages that would suddenly pop up and cover half the screen, telling me that Goopy Gilscarbo just got a promotion at work. I was messing around with mods, on the point of running Total Annihilation on the town, when λ told me that that was going to kill the ITH folk too, so no go there.

Then I found out that you can rename the townies, and suddenly the game was awesome again.

The reason that this is the awesomest ever is that now I don't have to kill all the townies and populate an entire town with custom-made Broadway Sims in order to have a Broadway neighborhood. I spent like an hour just going through the townies' names and changing them to random Broadway characters, and presto! Broadway characters who look nothing like themselves and act nothing like themselves are suddenly doing things in the corner of my screen! Sometimes this is boring, but sometimes it is comedy gold. Like you get something like:

(I really love the look Sweeney is rocking here.) Or:

Wow, I... really care about that, right? I mean, seriously, can you imagine if the game didn't tell me when random characters paid off their tax loans? Or you can get

Which is unfortunate, but I guess you could have seen it coming, given that in the hour that I played the game he was listed as dating Annie Oakley, Effie from Dreamgirls, and Patti's character from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. I don't know whose kid he is paying for, but I guess we'll find out. I wonder if he is the father of Faith Tragedy's illegitimate daughter Brooklyn (shoutout to the NO ONE who will get that reference.)

The one thing I wasn't getting when I renamed all the townies was that when I was categorizing them by household and going in to change the names, sometimes it would say, for example, that there were three people in a house, but only two could be renamed. I wasn't sure what that meant but I thought maybe someone had just died or something, so I just carried on. It wouldn't tell me in the rename bin what the relationships were between the characters I was renaming, either, so I just assumed that same age/same last name/opposite sex meant married (no one in this town is gay yet except Nina and Vanessa! :( :( :() and hoped for the best.

Well, as it turns out, different last names does not necessarily mean not romantically involved/cohabiting. And a household that says it has three members when you can only see two has not suffered a recent loss: they are pregnant.

And here is how I know:

The fact that Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd now have a baby makes me seriously regret not custom-making them and setting them up in a playable household. Because that is amazing. I guess I can play their house anyway, but I don't know if I can change their personality traits: it wouldn't be much fun playing a Sweeney Todd who was not Evil (or a Mrs. Lovett who was not a Natural Cook). If I can change their traits that is probably going to be the house I start playing next, West Side Story (which I already have all made up) be damned.

I'm not sure whether to change their appearances or not though. Because seriously, Sweeney? That hat? Those glasses? I think you're kind of perfect.

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