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Hi EllJays!

I am back today! I really want to start spending more time over here again. Facebook and Twitter is good for connection with people but it isn't the same. And not all the LJ folks I love are on those sites! I love you, LJ folks!

Okay so the other thing that's happening today is I'm sick and running a high fever. Earlier I was losing liquids and substances through every orifice it is possible to lose liquids and substances from (including my ears; I get lots of earwax when I'm sick. Why? I don't know. It is the most comfortable kind of substance-loss anyway.) And I managed to keep down some Ativan a few hours ago and it settled my stomach almost right away; my mom always said Ativan calmed nausea but this is the first time it's worked for me. So all I really have going on now is a fever that keeps bouncing back and forth between 101.5 and 102, which puts me in this funny woooo-ey headspace that isn't really delirium but also isn't normal thinking. My chills and achy limbs haven't turned into sweat-drench and feeling hot yet, so I think the fever has settled in pretty comfortably and isn't interested in being kicked out by a paltry 2 Advil. (I can't take any more of it because all I've been able to keep down today is 5 saltines and I think more of any fever-reducing pill is likely to make me throw up again. NO MORE THROWING UP)

Anyway, so that is what is happening with me right now and it is interesting to me and dull to the world. So I am thinking that I may institute my plan (I have a plan? A plan! Wooo!) that I have been thinking about to cross-post selectively from Facebook to LJ. There are some things that I start to write as status updates on Facebook and then they turn out to be way long, more suited to a blog than a status update really. So I think I will start posting those ON my blog, and I'll put them under LJ-cuts so no one who read them on Facebook has to read them again, and then I will be participating in LJ again! And I hope to make posts that do not come from Facebook status updates too. Because I've been missing those.


Annoying Double X article about Sweden and gender issues

This article is super-obnoxious! They're not forcing everyone to use the gender-neutral pronouns, they're just going wide with them! Socialized gender is pretty shitty, guys, even as one's inherent sense of their own gender -- whatever it may be; I think "100 options instead of 2!" is a great slogan, though I'd prefer "infinite options instead of 2" -- is important. We need to stop prescribing gendered behaviors to our children and provide them all the same opportunities and then let them do with them what they will. Let boys who know themselves to be boys be boys, whatever that means to them, and let girls who know themselves to be girls do the same. It sounds, even in that biased obnoxious article (Slate's Double X SUCKS), like Sweden is doing something cool. I'll read up on it more fully when I'm a little more sure of where my fevered head is, but this comment (well, the content of it; my tone may be a little loopy) is not the fever talking. DOWN WITH INSTITUTIONALIZED SOCIETALLY ENFORCED BINARY ASSIGNED-AT-BIRTH GENDER

I mean, seriously, guys. [adding this part after, it's not in the FB status] They want to stop having "girls" and "boys" sections in toy stores and let kids pick what they like out of all the toys! They want schools to call kids "buddies" instead of "boys and girls" in order to "counteract traditional gender patterns and gender roles" and give girls and boys "the same opportunities to test and develop abilities and interests without being limited by stereotypical gender roles." God, what a TERRIBLE thing to do, calling a kid "buddy" and leaving the kid to live in whatever gender is natural to them! (It's not like they're saying "Hello, gender-neutral beings." Not everyone is gender-neutral and that definitely should not be forced on them, but calling them "buddies" hardly forces them to identify as or be read as gender-neutral.) The encyclopedia included a gender-neutral pronoun! Which have been around for years, are important to some people, and, you know, is the kind of thing that should be in encyclopedias for those reasons! There's a gender-neutral kids' book! Oh God, no one has EVER learned about something in a book without being BRAINWASHED INTO BEING THAT THING! And, people, I am NOT EVEN KIDDING about this next thing: the company that publishes that book? Is called "Olika", which translates to "different" or "diverse". Never fear, Double X is here to tell you exactly what a "distinctly political agenda" THAT serves! "Different"? "Diverse"? Why do we even HAVE those words in English? They are clearly dangerous and probably shouldn't exist! Like gender-neutral pronouns! Oh and then there are some examples at the end of the article of one or two schools taking it too far -- you know, not keeping "gendered" toys like cars in their nurseries because most boys prefer them. That's just a different, backwards way of enforcing gender, so, yeah, annoying. However, their actions seem pretty clearly not to chime with what the stated goals of the new guidelines Sweden's rolling out. Still, Double X is here to let you know that those are not not individual one-off examples of a couple of people going too far, oh no. They are a CHILLING GLIMPSE AT WHAT THE SYSTEM ACTUALLY IS, even if the vast majority of schools are not doing those things. So what? An anecdote is as good as a wide range of facts and statistics!

And. Guys? They're merging women's and men's bowling. What more of a call to action do we need? THIS IS TERRIBLE

Anyway, so that was the thing that pissed me off today (although it did make me want to raise kids in Sweden.) Here is a thing that pissed me off a few days ago:

Stupid Sephora is coming out with a line of Disney Villain makeup, which, ngl, I think could be pretty fabulous. But they skinnied Ursula waaay down in their ads! (And covered her tentacles with a skirt) Because clearly fat people (or, you know, human-octopus hybrids) can't rock makeup. I know it is silly to be annoyed that a villain who was meant to be ugly is going to be de-"uglied" to advertise a makeup line, but something is clearly wrong with me because Ursula is kind of my fat role model. Because she is awesome. I mean, come on, she was based on Divine! How much awesomer do you get than that? And her being fat (and lovingly lingering over that lipstick, and giving herself those satisfied glances in the mirror) is such a fabulous fuck-you to a world that only finds little skinny-minnies like Ariel attractive. COME ON, SEPHORA, LET THE FAT HALF-OCTOPUS BE HER BADASS GORGEOUS SELF

Man, I really do status-update differently than I blog. I am much more verbose over here. It feels weird to post a condensed version here.

Oh well. My fever just dropped to 100.8, so it's below 101 for the first time all day. Maybe the two Advil are kicking in late. Along with this I feel kind of sweaty and my energy supply suddenly just ran dry, so I think the fever's probably broken and is on its way down further. Together with that I am feeling sleepy instead of hyper, so I'm going to go to sleep. Oh that will be nice.

But hi LJ! I am glad my fever got me to talk to you. :)
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