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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]


September 29th, 2015 (12:10 pm)

Things I want to be doing with my day:

-Listening to the newly released Hamilton soundtrack
-Reading the newly available Hamilton lyrics
-Making Hamilton icons so I will at least have an appropriate icon to attach to this post
-Reading about how Lin-Manuel Miranda is getting a MacArthur Genius Grant for Hamilton
-Reading Tumblr posts about Hamilton
-Going to New York and winning the Hamilton lottery so I can actually see Hamilton again

Things I do not want to be doing with my day:
-Anything else

Things I want to be doing even less than anything else:
-My job


Seriously, though, you guys, if you have the tiniest speck of interest in American history, you need to check this show out. And if you don’t have the tiniest speck of interest in American history, but you like Broadway, or hip-hop, or things that are brilliant, you still need to check this show out, because I know absolutely nothing about American history and I am addicted to this show. Because it is a hip-hop retelling of the story of Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers and it is amazing. Seriously, just go on Spotify and listen to Cabinet Rap Battle #1 or #2. See, here are Jefferson and Hamilton, having a rap battle in the Cabinet:

I could link you to about 500 phenomenal reviews of this show because I have not yet seen a review of the show that did not say it was the most amazing piece of theatre to come along in a really long time. No, like, seriously, the New York Times was like “I really wanted to hate on this show because I am getting so sick of everyone talking about how it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread but I can’t really do anything about that because the truth of the matter is it’s actually more amazing than sliced bread.” Unfortunately I can’t do anything about getting you tickets because it’s sold out for like the next nine months or something and prices are high as fuck, but you can listen to the soundtrack, and since the show is sung/rapped through you will basically know everything that happens and then you can become an addict just like me and you can spend your days at work trying to get the lyrics to load properly in the Web browser so you can reread them and catch more nuances, and in fact they won’t load properly about halfway through, but tip: you can select the text that doesn’t show up and then paste it into Notepad and then you can read it! This has been a time-wasting tip from me to you!

Aaaaargh guys I have seriously spent most of my morning just rereading Broadway rap lyrics and I am so far behind on work now and I really REALLY should get down to it THIS IS NOT FAIR WHY DOES THE WORLD NOT STOP FOR THE AMAZINGNESS OF HAMILTON


Posted by: the girl with violets in her lap (slammerkinbabe)
Posted at: September 29th, 2015 06:08 pm (UTC)
!sims (ecstasy hat)

OMG RENT. You know, years and years ago, when I was on here and so were a whole lot of other people, I had a bunch of Broadway fans on my friends list and one day I just posted “December 24th, 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time, from here on in I shoot without a script.” And then I just waited. And people like FLOCKED to the comments to reply, like one person would say “See if anything comes of it” and the next person would say “’Stead of my old shit,” and I don’t remember exactly how far we got into the show but I know there were a metric shit-ton of comments on that post. And it made me so happy, that we could just have a RENT party in the comments sparked by a single opening line. (And my ex had a conniption because she typed the line “Are you talking to me?” and I replied “Not at all!” because THAT’S THE NEXT LINE but she took it personally.) But, yes, point, I used to know a lot of Rentheads on here. Now I don’t know a lot of anybody on here. Alas. BUT THE POINT IS you should definitely check out Hamilton because it is revolutionizing Broadway theatre in much the same way that RENT did 20 years ago (and, yes, how has it been 20 years???), and I know Lin-Manuel Miranda, the author of Hamilton, has said that RENT was game-changing for him in that he realized he could write stories from his own life, and it was part of his inspiration to write his first musical, In the Heights. Hamilton is something else again, but yes, its author is a Renthead too!

I have no real Rent icons but here is one from when I made a Sims game with all the Rent people. That's Maureen, wearing the Noodlesoother, a game bonus that boosts your serotonin directly through your ears or something. So it's an ecstasy hat. For awhile Maureen and her ecstasy hat were, well, iconic.

Posted by: M (llythefaerye)
Posted at: September 29th, 2015 08:24 pm (UTC)
Grin Profile

Hahahahaha! So. Much. Verbiage. that I thought no one else but me used. Such as, "metric shit-ton". This is a very specific unit of measurement.

And that's hilarious; I think I saw a few of those posts. I also had a rather upset (at the time new) boyfriend when we went to visit a friend of his, whom I'd never met, and the friend and I ended up singing through Light My Candle in the living room . . . the bf was very decidedly not a Renthead. (Also . . . Renthead. that's another of those words for above!)

And - yes - I listened to a couple very brief clips on my lunch break, and there's definitely a metric shit-ton (heh) of RENT influence behind it!

RENT was definitely one of those epic game-changers, and I am still sad I never got to see it *on* Broadway, at the Nederlander. I did see it on one of its first swings through Minneapolis (touring cast), and I actually remember being a bit disappointed (after having memorized every heartbeat of the Broadway soundtrack forwards, backwards, and inside-out before actually getting to see it in production). And I think they did pretty darn well with the movie adaptation; I adore the fact that a chunk of the original (main) cast reunited for the movie . . . it was kind of a consolation prize for never having seen them live. And most of the replacements were pretty fantabulous (Jesse L. Martin - Holy Hannah!).

Same friend mentioned above that inadvertently (on my part, anyway) helped make my then bf uncomfortable? Yeah . . . he got to see it on Broadway ... before Daphne Rubin-Vega left! *dies of jealousy*

I can't speak to the Sims; never played it. I played a little of (the original) Sim City, and then some Sim City 2000, but never really had the equipment to run much game-wise until more recently in life, and I dedicate my processing power to photos (and just never really had any interest in the Sims world; enough drama in the real world!).

Posted by: M (llythefaerye)
Posted at: October 2nd, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
No Day But Today

I also still desperately want one of the original "No day but today." shirts . . . I periodically peruse ebay and such for them . . . *le sigh*

Edited at 2015-10-02 03:01 am (UTC)

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