January 31st, 2007

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This whole "bomb scare" thing is just unbelievable. And it's really emphasizing just how wide the technology gap between the generations is right now. All of these newscasters and newswriters are apparently completely not-savvy with the Internet; on boston.com, the news stories still don't know why these Errs were posted or by whom, while all the people on the message boards know exactly what's going on. People who know how to use the Internet know that this is a ten-city ad campaign, and they know who put the signs up and under whose aegis; people reporting the news know that "college kids" were involved. Below is transcribed a conversation λ and I were having as we watched the news:

BOB THE NEWSCASTER: Lauren, do you have any idea how they might go about tracking down who posted these things around the city?
LAUREN THE NEWSCASTER: Well, Bob, we have just received information that this hoax may be connected with some sort of a website. We have a visual of this website -
VISUAL: ::is a posting on Flickr::
λ: Dude, that's Flickr.
LAUREN: But we are not sure at this time who is responsible for this website -
LAUREN: - or who posted this photo there.
λ: It's Jackpot321. It says it. Right there.
BOB: And, Lauren, do you have any idea how they might find out who posted this photo?
λ: Call in a tech expert. Track down the IP address.
LAUREN: Well, Bob, these people are experts. I'm sure they'll interview people, attempting to find out whether anyone saw anyone posting these photos -
LAUREN: - or whether anyone knows anything about who may have posted these photographs. After all, ::smug tone:: when college students are involved, it's fairly certain that someone will talk.
KYLIE: ...what?
BOB: Breaking news, Lauren - I've just heard that it has been confirmed that this is indeed a marketing stunt. Turner Broadcasting Companies, CNN's parent company, has released a statement that this is indeed a series of advertisements for the show AquaTeen Hunger Force... ::Bob reads things we already know::
λ Wai wai wait. This is CNN's parent company?
KYLIE: And CNN has been running news stories about how they don't know what these things are since eight this morning?!
KYLIE AND λ: ::stare at television in silent awe::

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.