January 29th, 2008

!wtf (excuse me), !bree (excuse me), excuse me?

moar tv? MOAR TV!

I am at my parents' house. They have the latest issue of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life News ("A Strong Voice for the Most Fundamental Human Right"). I thought I would see if I could learn anything.

So far I have learned the following important facts:

  • The term "abortion mills" seems to be passe. "Abortuary" is the new slang all the cool kids are using.
  • The newest member of Massachusetts Citizens for Life is -28 weeks old, and her name is Angelica Maria. She is pictured in "4-D Ultrasound". 4-D? In the paper?
  • If you know the definitions of the words "egg", "sperm", and "embryo", you are smarter than 5 of the 9 Supreme Court justices on the 1973 court.
  • "The stem cell wars are over," and this is "a victory for President Bush." Because President Bush made the scientific discoveries that - according to the fine folk at MCFL, anyway - eliminated the need to use embryos to get stem cells. Or so we are left to assume.
  • Although President Bush is a pitiful lame duck who is hated by over seventy percent of the country and the Iraq war is an unmitigated disaster, Democrats should be very worried about their party's fate at the presidential elections. This is due to the fact that recently Jim Ogonowski, the Republican candidate in the fifth congressional district election here in Massachusetts, lost the election with 45 percent to the Democratic candidate's 51 percent. The Democrats expected to win by more than that in that district, and got overconfident and came close to almost losing, sort of. So Clinton and Obama and them should think long and hard about Jim Ogonowski before they start assuming they can walk off with the election.
  • Specifically, they should be afraid of Fred Thompson, who is the candidate that MCFL has chosen to back in the presidential race.
  • There are 350 cemetery white wood crosses in a tote in a warehouse in Southbridge, and anyone who has a good idea for how to use them can contact MCFL for more information.
  • Bella is the best movie ever in the world.

In one way I sort of feel like I shouldn't snark. My family takes their beliefs seriously and it's just easy snark and I'm not Thinking Hard about Hard Issues and blah blah blah. But on the other hand, I believe in nuanced discussion of abortion and the related issues, and that sure ain't it. And the Jim Ogonowski bit... and "abortuaries"? I'm sorry, that's hilarious.


Oh, dude, there's an episode of Golden Girls on whose episode description read "A lesbian falls for Rose." λ is a fan of the show and we had a MUST SEE moment, so we flipped over just in time to hear Estelle Getty saying:

"She likes girls. Big deal. Some people like girls instead of guys. Some people like dogs instead of cats. Personally, I'd rather live with a lesbian than a cat."

I've never watched a full episode of Golden Girls. I think I should start. Now.

Away I go.