March 22nd, 2008

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Hello! I am posting from the sportsbar section of our local Uno's, because our cable at home died just before the start of the UPitt/Michigan State game. λ grew up across the street from MSU ("I didn't just grow up there! I was raised on their basketball! I had tickets to every home game! My parents--" "OKAY OKAY I GET IT") and then went to Pitt for undergrad. So this is a matchup that she has been dying to see for many years, and this is the first time it's ever happened. (She says it goes beyond team loyalties: "It's their techniques. They throw more elbows than anybody. 3/4 of the players will foul out. It'll be a great game." Me: "...")

The problem is that now that the game's actually on, she seems more agonized than joyful, and more confused than agonized:

[Pitt makes a basket.]
Her: [clapping vigorously] Noooooo!
Me: ...
H: Get back get back no GO GO SHOOT BLOCK IT NO YES!
M: Who are you rooting for?
M: But--
H: Whoever's losing.
M: I--
H: Shut up.
M: But you do know that if you do it that way, the team you're rooting for is sure to l--

I don't think I get sports?
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