March 26th, 2008

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Hahaha. You know, since I started wearing makeup and changing my personal style to be less femme and more... uh, I don't know what you'd call it -- eclectic? idiosyncratic? cracked-out? bizarre? -- guys have been hitting on me with some frequency. I noted it with astonishment the first time it happened and then kind of got used to it, though I'm still surprised that it is happening because my femme style of dress usually meant I went around wearing push-up bras and shirts that showed X-treem cleavage, and I would have figured that cleavage would trump makeup as far as guys' interest was concerned. Anyway, so I have come to assume that a.) guys are responding to my makeup rather than to anything else, and b.) that the area of the city where I work is full of guys, some scuzzy and some not *terribly* so, looking to pick up random girls.

This guy that I encountered in the 7/11 today, however, is my favorite so far:

GUY: Hey! Whoa! Hey!
KYLIE: half-turns, assuming at first that Guy is not so much trying to hit on her as trying to warn her of some danger ahead What?
KYLIE: ::is wearing a zebra-print necktie over a black T-shirt and jeans:: ...?
GUY: That's a hot necktie. I like it.
KYLIE: Oh. Thanks.
GUY: Like to pull it right off you!
KYLIE, internally: So I would be wearing nothing but... a T-shirt and jeans? And a jacket?
GUY: Rawr!
KYLIE: ::bursts out laughing, entirely without meaning to:: ::because seriously, rawr?::
GUY: Oh, hey, didn't mean to offend, didn't mean to offend. Sorry. I thought you might be up for that but maybe you're not up for that, didn't mean to offend.
KYLIE: You... you didn't? ::walks away::
GUY: What's your name?
KYLIE, selecting a Diet Coke: Alexis Makayla.
GUY: Hey, hey... ::clearly not remembering the name:: You. Chili and cheese dog. Hot dog with chili and cheese.
KYLIE, who has clearly been possessed by the devil: You like those, huh?
GUY: Na, I, na, I -- na! I'm gonna get you a hot dog with chili and cheese. Where it's at!
KYLIE: ... ::buys Diet Coke, gets the hell out of there::
GUY: ::when last seen through the window of the 7/11, was chomping into a hot dog::

Seriously, guys, any dude who decides that the best method of hitting on me is to proposition removal of my necktie and then make saucy* innuendoes about a 7/11 brand hot dog with chili and cheese is clearly a major, major catch.

And you know what? I don't even think he was drunk.


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