July 9th, 2008

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Why does the Photobucket site have an ad for smileyfaces that YELL at you? "HELLOOOOOOOO?", it yells, very expectantly, as though I have been neglecting it conversationally for far too long. No, I am not going to have a conversation with you, creepy expectant smiley. Go away.

(And yes, I know that this ad and all like it would go away if I used Firefox with an ad blocker add-on. We even have Firefox. I just have such an ingrained habit of clicking IE that I always wind up in Explorer before I realize it. ::shrug::)

Anyway, I was in Photobucket doing a meme! A meme a meme a meme! Oh, we all jump with joy. This particular meme is through deliriums_fish, and I like it:

1. Take a picture of your bag
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Details.

Accordingly, I present you with:



(let me show you it)

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