December 8th, 2008

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So lots of people (hi, new MQ friends! ::waves::) have been asking me for followup on The Saga of the Bad Smell in Kylie and λ's Apartment, and have specifically been asking what the smell was. This is unfortunate because I have no answer. The ending of that story goes -- are you ready for this? It's an awesome ending -- "Kylie and λ came home the next day and the smell was gone and they have no idea what caused it but since it's gone now they don't really care so long as it doesn't come back." Now, it's possible that some of you went nuts for "The Lady or the Tiger?" when you read it in high school and will therefore be fond of this story's ending as well, but almost everyone I knew hated "The Lady or the Tiger?"*, so I doubt this will satisfy y'all. So here's what we're going to do: I have written a poll on the subject, which you should vote in if you want to know what the smell in our apartment was. Whichever answer gets the most votes will be the Official Solution to the Mystery of the Origin of the Bad Smell, and from here on out whenever anyone asks me what caused the smell, that is what I will tell them. Easy-peasy!

What was the cause of the bad smell in our apartment?

Your cats killed a mouse and hid it in a corner. Its body was later Raptured away.
Your elderly neighbor's cats killed your elderly neighbor. His family have disposed of his remains.
A huge colony of carpenter ants in your walls committed mass suicide by eating the ant poison that they have been ignoring since it was set out four months ago. The smell was that of formic acid, but dissipated within 24 hours.
An eerie phantasmal landfill appeared that night in the vicinity of your apartment building, and then vanished without a trace hours later. Parapsychologists will soon be investigating this newly-discovered Bermuda Triangle of waste disposal.
Your next-door neighbor was cooking meth, but has been arrested.
You were afflicted with a farting poltergeist.
The smell was God's punishment for your homosexuality. Later he got over it and took the smell away.

*I didn't, actually. I liked the story, especially after I'd concocted a favorite ending that I've thought of ever since as the "real" one -- apparently I was a fanfic girl from way back before I ever knew what fanfic was. I also used to play a game with my brothers and cousins where we'd each come up with an ending and then vote on whose ending was the best. But that's dependent on going beyond the stupid either/or setup that Stockton assumes.