December 15th, 2008

!niles (dejected), !dejected, dejected


I had a BAD TOOTH and it HURT so I went to the dentist and they PULLED it and NOW IT HURTS MORE because I can't take the DAMN VICODIN they gave me because it MADE ME THROW UP ALL WEEKEND, which, SERIOUSLY, is NOT AT ALL A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. So now I am taking tons of Advil and aspirin and Tylenol all mixed up into a GIANT PAINKILLER GUMBO IN MY STOMACH but the holewheretherewasatooth STILL HURTS and NO SERIOUSLY IT REALLY HURTS and WHY DOES THE FUCKING VICODIN NOT WORK and WHERE HAS ALL THE RUM GONE? And I've never seen Pirates of the Caribbean in my life nor do I particularly want to but that is kind of immaterial because there are days when you just want to know WHERE THE FUCKING RUM HAS GONE, and today is one of those days.


In other news, let me be the 9236782910th person to note that an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush. I was knocked out/throwing up most of the weekend so I only caught a quick sound byte here and there, but I was particularly impressed by Bush's assertion that he doesn't know "what the guy's beef was," but he assumes he [the journalist] "just wanted to get on television." Wow, I think you nailed it there, Mr. President! What possible reason could any Iraqi citizen have for having a "beef" with you? None that I can see!

Seriously, how can this man be this dumb? How is this possible?! I knew he'd spent the last few years in a nice protective bubble in which he isn't allowed to watch any television except FOX News and his wife reads the newspapers in the morning and "digests" them for him, but -- seriously? Because he just announced to the world that he can't understand why an Iraqi journalist would be angry with him, and that's just... truly, it's humiliating. Unbelievable.

Anyway. I hate my tooth, or the absence of my tooth. I hate Bush. I hate Vicodin, and I hate moths. That last thing isn't all that relevant to anything in this post, but seriously. I hate moths! Hate 'em. Euh.