December 26th, 2008

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Merry Boxing Day, everyone! My apologies for not offering a Merry Christmas yesterday, but things got a little zany around our house during the last week, mainly because we have no money and so we were working overtime hand-making gifts for everybody. This had its pitfalls, as when we gave a handmade Christmas tree ornament to my grandmother and she thought it was a Christmas cookie and tried to eat it (in our defense, she didn't have her glasses on and her eyes are failing). But in general, I think we did well, and now it feels really strange to be anticipating going home after work and *not* trying to figure out mentally how many ornaments I can paint and decorate or whatever. Merry Boxing Day indeed!

Christmas was lovely for us in the end, anyway, and I hope it was so for all of y'all who celebrate it. The Christmas service we went to at the Arlington Street UU service was beautiful, even if the minister did decide to give absolutely the corniest sermon I have *ever* heard in my *entire* life. Seriously, it was about a guy who was driving to his family's house on Christmas Eve when he saw "a stooped, bent old man trudging up the street," and the guy pulled over his car and grabbed a plate of Christmas cookies and ran up to the old man, who almost decked him (that was the best part of the story), but then the guy proffered the cookies and the old man said shakily, "Why are you giving me a present?" And the guy -- responding from the heart (this was a big point; it was his heart that spoke, not his brain or, apparently, his mouth) -- said "Because it's Christmas, and because I love you." And then the old man and the young man hugged and cried together. As λ put it later, "I've gotten better Christmas stories than that in email forwards."

So that was doofy. But the rest of the service was beautiful. The candle lighting ceremony was as lovely as it always is, and the Boston Gay Men's Chorus sang Everything Possible, as they do every year; the first year that I heard it I was in a place where I particularly needed that kind of affirmation at Christmastime, and hearing it is becoming one of my favorite Christmas traditions. And then we went on to various Christmas parties with family, and a nice time was had by all, and I got lots of money, just as I'd asked for, and λ and I are going to go to New York to see In the Heights and Gypsy, because we got cheated out of using our birthday money to do that due to unexpected medical costs, but right now we are healthy and we are going to Broadway. And we will see the tree at Rockefeller Center, and walk through Central Park in the maybe-snow. And it will be great. Merry Christmas everyone.

There was one small dark fleck on my Christmas joy though. It can still be remedied, possibly. I am making this poll to see.

Are you familiar with the story of The Little Match Girl?

Yes indeed!
No, I can't say that I am
Wait, seriously, there are people who don't know that story? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE

The Little Match Girl is

A lovely, poignant fairy tale
A black bleak horrifyingly grim story that you should only read to your kids at bedtime if you want them to cry themselves to sleep
Still something I am not familiar with

Please sing the song "Walking in Memphis" in your head, remembering as many lyrics as you can, and then indicate how far you got in the text box.

If the answers to this poll go okay I will deal better with the fact that last night, of twelve people of my generation at the party, two of them, including me, had ever heard of The Little Match Girl. BZUH. (Oh, and wrt the last poll question, that was also brought up by a discussion last night, and for those of you who are hating on me for mentioning that song, I am going to note that the discussion also involved the song "Africa" by Toto, and I did NOT ask you to sing THAT in your heads, so count your blessings, dudes, I swear to God.)