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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

now Russia, in addition to Julie, Carol, & the photographer, can probably sue me for this icon

April 14th, 2017 (01:19 pm)

So as I mentioned in a previous histrionic post (whose histrionics I continue to defend, but it's time to move on), now that LJ is no longer a safe home for my queer self I have imported my LJ over to DreamWidth and am now slammerkinbabe over there. My plan is to post there when I post at all, but to set it up to cross-post to LJ by default, so people can still follow me here; I'm just not clear on whether LJ can or will delete my journal for making posts that are in violation of their TOS (as will probably happen, because, uh, I'm gay) and I would rather settle in at DW on the understanding that my LJ might get scrubbed. I am seriously bitter about the fact that here I have a permanent account and 172 icons and over there I will have to reduce that number to 15, but never mind. Part of the point of my moving to DreamWidth is to try to build some kind of community over there, so if whoever's left reading this wants to fill out a last slammerkinbabe-at-LiveJournal poll about what you intend to do/where you intend to be from here on out, I would appreciate it.

What are your LJ-related plans for the future?

I plan to stay on LiveJournal and continue on as normal for now
I plan to create a blog on DreamWidth, but will primarily maintain a presence on LJ
I plan to create a blog on DreamWidth and maintain simultaneous presences on LJ and DW
I plan to create a blog on DreamWidth and maintain a primary presence there
I plan to delete my LiveJournal entirely
I plan to maintain a primary presence on a site that is not DreamWidth or LiveJournal

If you are going somewhere, what site are you going to and what is your username?

Choose a wombat.

 photo wombat 1 carrots_zpst7nt2tjf.jpg
 photo wombat 2 running_zpstbapfr3o.jpg
 photo wombat 4 inspecting_zpstf6vygnv.jpg
 photo wombat 4 sleeping_zpsmnkvwuzn.jpg
 photo wombat 5 smiling_zpsvo1ok1sl.jpg
 photo wombat6 wave_zps9t8gi11m.jpg

I hope I will see you all somewhere in the future.

ETA: I accidentally posted an older draft of the poll than I meant to and it doesn't cover all the options from here on out wrt where people might be maintaining a presence and to what extent but I had so much trouble getting the poll interface to work that I'm not deleting it and starting another. Just tell me in the comments if your plans from here on out are not covered in the poll. Thus ignominiously concludes my once-august lineage of LJ polls.

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