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Man, Ring-a-Ling is in top form today. Out there on her balcony on her cell phone, really belting it out. Grandma is in the hospital, and Ring-a-Ling is ruminating on the will:

"And to hear her talk about it it's like, it's like it's a million dollars, like, what does she need ten thousand dollars for? What is she, she's a fucking, she's seriously a fucking drug addict, okay what does she need the ten thousand dollars that Angie's dying wish was that it goes to me. [Note: Angie is not the one in the hospital at present, as far as I can tell.] And the car, like, what the fuck does she need two cars for? She drives around all day doing fucking Oxy-Contin and she needs two cars? It's just, the selfishness, the, I don't get it. She's like walking around the hospital and she's not even dead yet, okay. I don't think she should be allowed to be there. And I said to Grandma, I said, look, I'm not asking for a thing for myself, just promise me you're not going to give her a fucking dime, okay? Not a fucking penny, because she's a drug addict and she has no job and no sense of responsibility. And I said I don't care about me, just promise me, nothing to her, all right? Because ever since I was little, right, she's just, she's just ugh! Such a bitch. She has no sense of responsibility, and she LIES, I'm serious, the other day I saw her at the hospital and she was like "YOU'RE GOING OUT WITH ERIC" and I'm like, Jesus Christ, her and fucking Javier broke up fucking fourteen, fifteen months ago, so GET OVER IT, and what are you crying about? and I can't believe she'd do this with the car though..."

λ and I are packing up to move in a week. It's going to be so sad to say goodbye to Ring-a-Ling, she's better than any soap opera I've ever heard of.
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