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SO. I vastly underestimated how much time it would take me to make each Sim I wanted to make last night. Bebe was easy, and fun, and then I tried Ann Reinking and AAH WTF CRAZY!FACE - seriously, have you guys ever *looked* at Ann Reinking's face? IT IS CRAZY AND BONY AND SQUARE AND HER NOSE IS WEIRD. So then... then I tried to make dancing_crazy, and... and Jillie, I tried... but... well, the good thing I can say is that you look much more like Idina than like yourself, and your eyes are squinty and your facial structure is weird and after awhile I gave up and I am sorry. As for deliriums_fish, you don't look much like yourself, but you look more like you than Jillie looks like herself. I'm pissed off about your Sim, though, Marcy, because I downloaded a Tori Amos T-shirt JUST ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, and then the first time I ran it it did this odd little thing where it erased your legs? So you were floating in air? So then I thought I fixed that, but when I got into the game you were wearing just a plain brown T-shirt. I am vexed.

Anyway. In terms of play? I'm trying to think where to start, guys, I don't even know. Okay, so I made Roxie and Velma, and I made both of them really mean, as seemed to suit them. And they... I have never had a household in Sims that got along so well. Ever. They had a 100% relationship and an official crush on each other within like *hours*. Also? I put a remote-control car in their house, because I was feeling silly. So they walk in the house, and the first thing Roxie does is to pull out the remote control for the car, and it is gun-shaped, and I was like HOLY SHIT ROXIE IS GOING TO KILL US ALL ALREADY. Instead, she played with the remote control car for like two hours. While Velma stood and... watched. It was seriously like an hour and a half Sim time. Then Velma took the remote control from her, and *she* played with the car for an hour and a half Sim time. And I... don't understand? So people came to greet them then, and Velma went out to greet them, but she wound up having to chase them around the entire house because they basically kept running in circles. And eventually everyone got fed up and left.

At that point I made Marcy and Jillie. So the problem with you two guys is that you keep missing each other's signals. Like, the first thing you did, Marcy, was to try and hug Jillie. Which is out of character, and which made Jillie push you away with a frightened look. And then you both got sad. So then Jillie tried to tickle you. And you pushed *her* away with a frightened look. So it took you awhile to get used to each other. But pretty soon Jillie was tickling Marcy and all was well. When your visitors showed up, they were Angel, Collins, and Velma, which presented a problem because I took you to heart, Jillie, when you said you wanted to sleep with Idina. None of those people are Idina, and you can't meet her on your own - she has to show up on your doorstep, or else someone else has to introduce you.

That led us to the party. This required a great deal of machination. Collins and Angel know Jillie and Marcy and Maureen and Elphaba, but they are adopting a baby and the next time I go to their house the baby will show up, so they can't throw a party. Velma knows Marcy and Maureen, but Maureen hates Velma, and somehow Velma and Jillie never got introduced, so Velma couldn't invite Jillie over. Roxie knows Jillie (I forget how that happened? maybe you chatted online with her?), but doesn't know Maureen. Sp trying to figure out how to get Jillie in the room with an Idina was a chore and a half. And then? YOU PEOPLE WOULD NOT PLAY ALONG. The problem is that Velma is basically the crux, and everyone except Roxie hates Velma, because she's mean. So Velma tried to invite Maureen over, but Maureen was noncommittal and it was unclear if she'd show. Velma invited Marcy over, and Marcy said yes, if she could bring a friend, but then Marcy brought Collins. So then Velma invited Jillie, and Jillie said her psychic adviser had told her she couldn't leave the house. I was getting desperate at this point - Jillie had to meet some of the people at the party or she'd never meet an Idina - so I had Velma invite her again. This time Jillie said she would rather play Myshuno with a herd of llamas. What? So, Jillie, you passed up your opportunity to meet Maureen. I TRIED, I TELL YOU.

Anyway, that party sucked, mostly because Velma and Roxie wouldn't stop dancing with each other long enough to pay attention to any of the guests. (How does the game know that Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking should spend all their time dancing? I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT DOES.) But! Salvation was in the offing for potential Jillie/Idina secksings! I gave up on the party and closed the game out, but before I did, I decided to take some photos of Elphaba's and Glinda's house. And then Jillie and Marcy showed up on their doorstep, which was way random, but excellent, because it meant that Jillie got to chat up Idina and Marcy got to chat up Kristin Chenoweth! You guys basically hung out with the Wicked people all day, and you actually got along pretty well with them. Very well as compared to some others, as evidenced by this timeline of what happened when Elphie met Angel:

-Elphie and Angel size each other up. They do not like each other.
-Elphie insults building blocks. Angel gets upset.
-Elphie punches Angel in the nose. Angel cries.
-Elphie punches Angel in the nose again. Angel cries a lot.
-Elphie insults airplanes. Angel gets really pissed.
-Angel stalks away. Elphie follows Angel.
-Elphie spits on Angel.
-Kylie makes frantic GO HERE GO HERE WALK AWAY FROM ANGEL GO HERE clickies on Elphaba until she finally, reluctantly, leaves him alone.

Elphaba is a big ol' green bully, I tell you what.

So, yeah, compared to that cheerful interaction, Elphie and Glinda and Marcy and Jillie are all BFF. There is a problem in that Elphie is not very friendly, so her interactions with other people are severely limited - she has to *really* hit it off with someone for "appreciate" to be an option, let alone "flirt" (we'll just forget about "kiss" and "make woohoo" and all those other things for now.) So Jillie chatted with Elphie a lot, and Elphie was kind enough not to spit on Jillie, while Marcy repeatedly appreciated Glinda. All in all, guys, I got you a house party with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, and I wanted to do more towards teh secksings, but these things take time, and I AM ONLY ONE PERSON.

I apologize for any residual frustration in my tone. It's only because you yelled at me all day, Marcy and Jillie, insisting that when there's a chair in your path I stop the world and rearrange your whole house when YOU COULD MOVE THE DAMN CHAIR YOURSELF, YOU KNOW, IT ISN'T THAT HEAVY. ;) Nah, I'm just playin' - of course I am not mad at real-life Jillies and Marcies, because they are made of ozome - but their game counterparts spent like half the day yelling at me. Chairs are not that heavy! You can step over a game controller! Stop with the yelling! My head hurts!

(The funny thing is that all the other characters yell at me just as much, but it only hurts my feelings when they are real-life friends of mine. How silly is that?)

Anyway. PICTURES. As promised.

The neighborhood layout.

All of the Sims. Do you notice that Bebe has a neckribbon? I found Bebe a neckribbon. Also, Jillie, you have a Cookie Monster shirt. Do you like Cookie Monster? Marcy's Tori shirt shows up here, but not in the game, grr.

Maureen in her Ecstasy hat.

Maureen taking a bath. This is uploaded for dancing_crazy's benefit.

This is Marcy's bedroom. Marcy, you will notice that you have apple wallpaper, and that there is a giant fucking bronze statue of an apple in the corner of your room. I also put a bowl of apples on an endtable downstairs. I did my homework.

The Dancing_Fish study (that's your last name, guys.)

The Dancing_Fish living room.

Jillie's bedroom. There is not much in it yet. I'll get some posters or something.

Regardless of the bedroom, Jillie likes to sleep on the couch. This makes sense, as it is a COUCH OF AWESOME. It's some crazy superpowered high-tech couch where sleeping ups your energy three times as fast as if you were sleeping in a bed or something. I don't really know. It's fantastic, is all I know.

Marcy, predictably, is having a bubble bath. I'm gonna have to build a Lush in town when I get the Nightlife expansion.

Galinda's bedroom.

Elphaba's bedroom.

Elphie punches Angel...

...and again...

Angel cries.

Velma and Roxie won't stop dancing.

Elphie talks to Jillie about kissing, while Marcy and Glinda have a happy plus-signs conversation. See, I made SOME progress.

There is not much to do in Yentl!Anne's apartment...

...which is why she throws such an awesome party., that is a long entry. I feel vaguely ashamed.
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