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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

This post is not at all colored by the fact that I'd do Mr. Pierce in a heartbeat, gay or no gay

June 1st, 2007 (07:22 am)

Aww, David Hyde Pierce! I love him so much. He "outed" himself recently (which term I put in quotes because he never exactly wasted a lot of energy over keeping himself "in") in what, for my money, was a perfectly brilliant way of handling it: a casual reference to his partner in a standard bio for a press release. Check out the link: I love that link because the headline is all "DAVID HYDE PIERCE COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET!" and then there's this complete cognitive disconnect while you read an entirely unrelated story about Curtains. So by the time you get to the reference to his partner, you're like "...that's it?" And, yes! That's it! Some of us have partners! THE NEWS, SHE IS NOT SHOCKING. And I really like that David Hyde Pierce, who previously basically responded to queries about his sexuality with an archly raised eyebrow and commentary along the lines of "If you can't figure it out you're mighty obtuse I'm not going to tell you," has now taken to referring to his partner in the media in precisely the same way that any other celebrity with a non-famous spouse would refer to theirs.

It is often good to make a big damn deal out of sexuality, to go shouting who we are and our rights as citizens from the rooftops; to make sure our voices are heard and to insist on visibility and acceptance. But it is good in a different way *not* to do that - to live your life just as if your sexuality were a basic part of who you are, with the attitude that you needn't be ashamed of it nor spend a lot of energy defending it. In all honesty, it's how I'd prefer to go about things. The social activist runs strong in me and all, but in my relationship with λ, I feel a lot less like a person Doing a Transgressive Thing Of Great Cultural Controversy, and more like, you know, a person in love with another person. I feel really incredibly privileged to live in Massachusetts, where I can mostly act that way. And I really love David Hyde Pierce for being the first celebrity that I can remember hearing of who "outed" himself in a manner that said, quietly but firmly, that this is not the front-page-of-the-tabloids Big Deal that everyone makes it into. It's a tactic that wouldn't work if it were the only one used, but it's an important complement to more conventional activism, I think. And, in the end, he's got the right to live his life however he wants to and say as much or as little about it as he chooses. It's a neat thing for him to reaffirm that this way.


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Posted by: Nathaniel Wolfthorn (ganimede)
Posted at: June 1st, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)

I was going to say didn't Neil Patrick Harris do something similar when he came out. I know he didn't make a big fuss over it and the story was really that there was no story. I wish there wasn't the need for celebrities to come out though, it shouldn't be a surprise these days.

Posted by: Kare Bear (luvs_chicago)
Posted at: June 1st, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
Forget Regret

Neil Patrick Harris is gay? Where have I been?

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