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the girl with violets in her lap [userpic]

July 9th, 2008 (10:39 pm)

Why does the Photobucket site have an ad for smileyfaces that YELL at you? "HELLOOOOOOOO?", it yells, very expectantly, as though I have been neglecting it conversationally for far too long. No, I am not going to have a conversation with you, creepy expectant smiley. Go away.

(And yes, I know that this ad and all like it would go away if I used Firefox with an ad blocker add-on. We even have Firefox. I just have such an ingrained habit of clicking IE that I always wind up in Explorer before I realize it. ::shrug::)

Anyway, I was in Photobucket doing a meme! A meme a meme a meme! Oh, we all jump with joy. This particular meme is through deliriums_fish, and I like it:

1. Take a picture of your bag
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Details.

Accordingly, I present you with:



(let me show you it)

So I should explain -- right now I'm sort of in the process of purse-transitioning. I'm sure some of you know how it is, when you buy a new bag and you haven't had a chance to switch everything out yet so you kind of throw what you need in the new bag as you go along. I just got the above-pictured bag a couple days ago, and it only had a few things in it as of today. So I'm doing two pictures, one of the essentials that will wind up in that bag as I carry it day-to-day (actually, this meme got me to organize my new bag! go meme!), and the other of the leftover crap that was in my previous purse but is not going into the new one.

Wow, I'm still kind of blown away thinking about that, though. This is the first meme that has ever led me to do something productive in the history of my LJ! My, my, historic moments.


BAG #1 (with the cheesy adorable hearts)


#1: My wallet. It contains normal wallet-y things.
#2: These are my sunglasses. You will note that they are pink and small and unfashionable. In addition, those of you with sharp eyes may note a teeny little whitish triangular thing on the bottom right corner of the right lens. That, my friends, is Tinkerbell. I got these in Disney World and am not at all sure that they were meant for adults. But wouldn't you know it, although we have at least four pairs or sunglasses scattered through our house, my Tink ones are the ones that have made the transfer from one purse to the next to the next. Raise your hands if you're surprised. ...no one?
#3: Scott Westerfeld's Extras. The last one in the series, which I'm just starting now. I always have at least one book in my purse, usually two or more. Having one book in my purse is the absolute essential minimum for me; for everyday travel, I like to have at least a couple of reading options. I'm always afraid I'll wind up stranded at a bus stop or something and finish a book there. Anyway, this is the primary book I'm reading now.
#4: My keys.
#5: This is my SID kit, or just "the kit". I put it together to try to keep my sensory-integration issues under control, so I can actually, you know, go outside and stuff. I keep the stuff in that green case it's all sitting on top of. It contains ear plugs, an orange-lime aromatherapy thingy, grapefruit-flavored lip gloss, crayons, and a velvety blue piece of fabric, which is nice both to touch and to look at. It usually has coloring pages to go with the crayons, in case I'm overwhelmed in a situation where I can retreat and color quietly until I feel better, but I'm out of pages at the moment (need to print more). It also has my bottles of Ativan and Ritalin -- the Ativan because it takes the edge off of serious SID issues and the Ritalin just because I'm used to carrying it back and forth to work with me and it might as well go in the kit. Oh, and it USED to contain my iPod, which was like the most crucial element of it all, but my iPod BROKE within a month of my getting it. With no warranty. I don't even have words for that.
#6: Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld. One of the other books I'm reading -- I read several at once. Probably secondary to Extras' primary at the moment.
#7: This is a hair elastic. I have hair, so I use elastics in it. Yep.
#8: Breath-freshening gum. You know, this "details" request is starting to puzzle me.

There would also be a

#9: My cell phone

but my camera is in my cell phone, so I cannot take a picture of the cell phone. Catch-22!

Anyway, that was bag #1. Here's the stuff in bag #2:


#9: Dilemmas of Desire: Teenage Girls Talk About Sexuality by Deborah Tolman. This is the other-other book I'm reading. Tertiary.
#10: This is a graduation card that I bought for my cousin and then forgot to give to him at his graduation party. Oh well. I have no money to put in it anyway, so... oh well.
#11: This is a good one. It's a bookmark saying that as a way of saying thank you for sharing their wedding with them, Janice and Joseph (married 11.17.07) have made a donation in our names to the American Cancer Society. How lovely! Only... who are Janice and Joseph? I don't know them. I asked λ, and she doesn't know them. We attended no wedding on 11.17.07. So who are they, and how did their thank-you-donation laminated bookmark wind up in my bag? I don't know, but it's a mystery that I would never even have been aware of if I hadn't cleaned out my bag. Perhaps my bag is a vortex of evil clutter, sucking everyone else's clutter out of their bags via some strange fifth dimension and depositing it helter-skelter at the bottom of mine. That would explain some things.
#12: This is a schedule of events for the Cambridge Women's Center. I picked it up at Pride. I really should go to some of those events, I could use a 3D social life.
#13: This is another thing I picked up at Pride, advertising something called "girl splash" (so much can be seen), which is apparently "The First Women's Beach Extravaganza in Provincetown, happening July 19-27, 2008! Come to Provincetown this July and fill the town and beaches with women, women, women!" Sounds good to me.
#14: This is... four packages of Sunkist fruit snacks. A friend gave them to me because I was heading off on a long train ride without having eaten. Then they had food on the train and I didn't eat the fruit snacks. This was... well, not too terribly recently. You know. Maybe last month or something. They are unopened, but perhaps I should throw them out that way.
#15: These are two earrings, a rainbow and a green dangly thing, and they do not match each other. I do not know where their respective mates are. Poor lonely matchless earrings.

Oh, and for completion's sake, the old bag itself:


For those of you who looked at the new bag with its rainbow-heart design and went "oh, God, could she get any gayer?" -- yep, I can! I totally can. This is a rainbow-striped bag with an equals-sign-for-equal-marriage-rights on the front, and a sticker on the back that says STOP LGBTQ DOMESTIC ABUSE, which is underlined with a rainbow and then translated into Spanish. There is ALWAYS a way for me to be gayer. I spend my life finding those ways.


Posted by: Hihankara (hihankara)
Posted at: July 10th, 2008 04:16 am (UTC)

Awesome, thanks for sharing. :) I would post the same but I'm too dam lazy. And ashamed of all the gum wrappers I'd have to admit to. And stuff. :P

To make up for my laziness, Ill give you a link to my sekrit sekrit favorite place for bags. Shh. Dont tell anyone so we can keep the cool ones to ourselves. The hedgehog messenger bag fills me with great happiness.


Posted by: Kare Bear (luvs_chicago)
Posted at: July 10th, 2008 09:35 am (UTC)

DUDE, I totally almost bought that exact same bag a few days ago. I think I might have to do it now, cause then we can be bag twins when I visit. :-) (Okay, maybe not, but one can NEVER have too many bags!)

What do you think of Prep? Just curious.

Posted by: Michael (ftmichael)
Posted at: July 10th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
jumping people

Yay! This is an interesting meme. I should do this at some point.

Note about always clicking IE: Just right-click the shortcut and select Delete. Windows does not allow IE to actually be uninstalled, no matter how much you try, so you don't have to worry about that (since uninstalling IE would be SUCH A TRAGEDY). The most you can do is get it out of your way so you don't keep clicking on it.

Note about the iPod: You have my utmost sympathy, but in the future I advise that you do not buy Apple products. They are extremely shiny dog-doo. Sooner or later, the shiny does not make up for the stink. Also, Apple manages to surpass even Microsoft on the proprietary-stuff issue, which is Shitty Business and should not be patronised. (So there.) There are any number of nice MP3 players (including ones that play videos!) that aren't made by Apple. I have an iRiver (the H340 model, which I think isn't made anymore, but they have other, sleeker models now) and it's brilliant. It's even nice that it's older and less sleek and more chunky, because I totally dropped it down the stairs once and it didn't harm it AT ALL. (Also, I like parentheses. A lot.)

Note about the HRC sticker on the old bag: I assume that when you got that and put it on your bag, you didn't know better. ;) Plz to not be dirtying the new, extremely gay bag with an HRC sticker. Although the new gay bag seems to be cloth, which would not get along well with stickers anyway, so that's something. Plz no more HRC! Get some nice stickers or patches or something from http://masstpc.org/ - that's what we don't see enough of around here!

Posted by: ems (ems)
Posted at: July 10th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)

I liked Prep up until about halfway through when it got Dead Serious.

Posted by: mixed_up_media (mixed_up_media)
Posted at: July 11th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)

Interesting meme. I'm tempted to do it myself, except with my bike pack instead of my purse--there's some really weird stuff in there!

There is ALWAYS a way for me to be gayer. I spend my life finding those ways.

I spend my life procrastinating. Yours sounds much more fulfilling. :)

Posted by: Rebecca (theniwokesoftly)
Posted at: July 14th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)

Hey, Prep! I read that a little while after it came out. Curtis Sittenfeld lives around here and there was an article about her in the Post when the book was published. It was impossible to get the book in the library for weeks. It was pretty good, though not what I expected.

Posted by: jazznit (jazznit)
Posted at: July 24th, 2008 01:28 am (UTC)

Hah hah hah I miss your journal. You make me laugh so much.

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