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the girl with violets in her lap

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1 August 1981
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When you are in town, wearing some kind of uniform is helpful, policeman, priest, etc. Driving a tank is very impressive, or a car with official lettering on the side. If that isn’t to your taste you could join the revolution, wear an armband, carry a homemade flag tied to a broom handle, or a placard bearing an incendiary slogan.

At the very least you should wear a suit and carry a briefcase and a cell phone, or wear a team jacket and a baseball cap and carry a cell phone. If you go into the woods, the backcountry, someplace past all human habitation, it is a good idea to wear orange and carry a gun, or, depending on the season, carry a fishing pole, or a camera with a big lens. Otherwise it might appear that you have no idea what you are doing, that you are merely wandering the earth, no particular reason for being here, no particular place to go.

Louis Jenkins, "Backcountry"

My ISBN is 0671331663.

My wife is λ, and she's swell.

The phrase "that guy who mutters "third reich!" with great energy at the end of the salzburg festival in 'the sound of music'" does not fit on my interests list according to LJ's character limit. Neither does "the scene in pg wodehouse's 'right ho, jeeves' where bertie is playing with a rubber duck".

I have a philosophical commitment to not wearing matching socks.

Lastly, some words from the not-so-prominent 1930s sexologist Victor Robinson, in his introduction to Diana: A Strange Autobiography and on the subject of lesbianism:

This is the confession of one who was destined by Nature to gather forbidden fruit in the gardens of deviation, and who saved her life from frustration by knowing herself. That charming women should be lesbians is not a crime, it is simply a pity. It is not a question of ethics, but of endocrines.

The authoress lights a little lamp on the hidden altar of lesbianism. There is no danger that the woman biologically craving the male, will seek that strange light. Only the sisterhood enters to remain, and those who are borne here on the hormonic tides of inversion, cannot by laws or maxims or ostracism, be kept from that dark temple.

Obviously, that's my journal.


I am

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